Portrait Artist New York specializes in commissioned oil portrait painting and photography serving New York City area. Commissioned oil portraits are 100% custom made and hand painted by the artist. Portrait Artist New York can accommodate all kinds of requests for expressions, poses, costumes, pets, backgrounds, etc.

Having a life-size oil portrait done is a very special experience like bringing another person to your home or office. It's going to be a immortal version of you or your loved one that never ages and lives on the canvas for eternity. Having your likeness preserved and being there for your descendants on the wall to be remembered long after death are great pleasures for many people. Having original oil portraits hanging on the wall also reflects the sitters' high intellects and social status.

Many people don't like to hang old photographs of their ancestors they have never met. The old photos are likely to be stored in cardboard boxes and completely forgotten or destroyed. On the other hand, well-executed oil portraits of the ancestors are valuable works of art, and they are a lot more alive and appreciated than faded photographs. Oil portraits can also be used to bring back the loved ones that are no longer with you. It might be the best thing you can do to glorify and commemorate them.

The artist studied painting at Syracuse University (BFA, 1996) and New York Academy of Art (MFA, 1998). He has an extensive experience in portrait painting and photography. He mainly paints from photos he photographs, but for out-of-town clients & posthumous portraits, he will consider working from client-supplied photos.

Our portrait studio is located in Brooklyn, NYC. We also set up a portrait booth at 87th St. and 5th Ave. during wamer month. This is in between the Metropolitan Museum and Guggenheim Museum but closer to the latter. Please feel free to stop by and look at a few samples of oil portraits if you happened to be in the area.

For clients specifically interested in photographic portraits, Portrait Artist New York provides photography-only option at reasonable rates. This is good for actors and models who need to submit headshots for auditions and agencies.

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